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Crewing & Manning

We can provide from our pool any experts matching your demands. This can be for incidental crewing & manning needs as well as for longer term. All personnel will be carefully selected based on your specific needs. Our consultants have long term experience in all our disciplines, ensuring that we can propose the crew members that you need. Crewing & manning can be based on single basis but also full crewing of your vessel and project. We will make the required applications for flag state endorsements, work permits, crew planning, flights, visa etc.

Assignments & Recruitment

Based on your requirements, we can propose candidates for direct employment. All candidates are carefully selected. Interviews can be conducted by your company.


Due to our extensive experience in the maritime industry, we are able to payroll all nationalities. We know many different CBA's and have extensive experience in dealing with international taxes. Our insurance package can be used for your crew.

Project Management

We have various experts in our pool with knowledge of projects in our disciplines. This can be on basis of technical maintenance, new building, waterworks and offshore construction. Our experts can assist you with project management or work with you throughout the project duration.


We can supply experienced personnel to train and teach your own personnel to operate your vessel. Our personnel has experience working with mixed nationality crews and have worked globally in a range of conditions.


We can organise delivery of your vessel to any location in the world. On a lump sum, all inclusive basis or on basis of crewing only.


We offer single specialists or complete crews from a range of nationalities. From the Netherlands, Western Europe, Baltic states, Ukraine, Russia, the Philippines, India and Indonesia.

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