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Peter de Jong about his role in our new Offshore Subsea desk

5th April 2022
Arkel, the Netherlands

Last February Peter de Jong started at the Offshore Subsea desk at the HQ of Boreas Maritime, eager to learn how he has landed we interviewed Peter.
What were you doing before you started at Boreas Maritime?

My background lies in the aviation industry as an aircraft maintenance engineer
from there I transferred into the international offshore world first as a Senior lead
mechanical engineer, Deck engineer, and ROV submersible Engineer. My last job role before joining Boreas Maritime was Surveyor Horizontal Directional Drilling.

Tell us about the first month at Boreas Maritime. What did you notice?

Despite almost 75% of my colleagues were working from home I felt
welcome, everybody took their time to make me feel welcome in her or his way
and to show me around Boreas Maritime. I felt at home quickly. It is a
warm-hearted club of hard-working people with a good sense of humor where I clearly see that the client is number 1!

What is your role at Boreas Maritime?

My role is Account manager Offshore & Subsea where I am responsible to serve clients worldwide with their requests for all positions as needed in the Subsea niche.

What are your ambitions for the coming years?

Expand the Offshore & Subsea department into an established value within the
“International Offshore construction world” in such a way that it makes a solid
contribution to the turnover of Boreas Maritime.
What are your tips for someone who also aspires to this position?

At least a couple of years of “hands on” experience inside the area.
Having a thorough knowledge of the skills and requirements of the positions for which you are mediating. Be aware of your position with respect to Customers and Candidates. Having a network in the field of your expertise is essential and makes it easier for you to build brand awareness and operate in certain niches.

What are the typical candidates you are looking for?

Within the offshore domain, we have several non-navigational or machine room positions to be sourced. We are looking for candidates which are in mission-critical positions such as Offshore Installation Managers (OIM), Project managers and engineers, Subsea specialists such as ROV pilots and superintendents, ROV Technicians, and Cswip 3.4 specialists. Crane drivers and W2W operators are part of my domain. When you are or know candidates who work in the above roles, we are interested in speaking with you. 
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Peter de Jong Account Manager at Boreas Maritime.

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