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Boreas Maritime moves headquarters into new premises to accommodate rapid growth

29th January 2019

Arkel, the Netherlands

Boreas Maritime, full-service crewing agency based in the Netherlands, announces the move of their headquarters into a new, own building in Arkel, the Netherlands. Since the company’s start-up in 2017, Boreas Maritime has experienced rapid growth, with offices in the Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Nigeria and the UAE. The new office location offers larger premises to accommodate the growing team, as well as better accessibility for visiting customers.

The new Dutch headquarters not only houses the current team, but also offers room for future expansion. Additionally, its location at the junction of two major highways, crossing the North/South, East/West divide in the heart of the Netherlands, offers maximum reachability for customers and clients across the country. The new building now also

offers free, on-site parking.

The move was a logical next step, according to Operations Director, Pascal Bounin: “Thanks to the wealth of experience within our team, we hit the ground running and our agency moved quickly out of its start-up phase. It was therefore only a matter of time before we outgrew our previous office space. With this new, dedicated location for Boreas Maritime, our team can operate at maximum efficiency and our company is ready for future expansion”.

CEO, Harrie van der Steldt, concurs: “Our improved location enables customers and clients to reach us easily, with free parking right outside the door. We invite our customers and clients to come and visit our new office, where we can discuss business over a relaxed cup of coffee at our in-house Boreas Bar, or in the more private setting of one of our ‘Huiskamer’ meeting rooms.”


New Boreas Maritime headquarters in Arkel, the Netherlands.

190129 CEO Harrie van der Steldt in new

Boreas Maritime CEO, Harrie van der Steldt, in the new headquarters in Arkel, the Netherlands

190129 New HQ Boreas Maritime Huiskamer

The ‘Huiskamer’ meeting room at the new Boreas Maritime headquarters.

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