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Boreas is recruiting for a leading Survey Engineering Company various positions.

For a leading survey engineering company, Boreas Maritime is recruiting the following specialists in their field. All functions require possession of an EU residency/work permit:

• 3x Senior Hydrographic Surveyors

• 1x Project Surveyor

• 1x Project Manager

For the above-mentioned roles, we are looking for individuals with the following skills and competencies:

• Bachelor's or Master's degree in Ocean Technology, Oceanography, Hydrography, or a related field, or experience equivalent;

• 5+ years of experience in a comparable role;

• Worked with Quinsy before;

• Have a valid driver's license (B, preferably including BE) ;

• A proactive, practical, and adaptable mindset;

• A professional, solution-oriented demeanor;

• Written and verbal fluency in English.

In addition to the above competencies the Project Surveyor should have / be willing to:

• Proven experience in hydrography, geophysics, and the maritime industry.

• Capable of effective communication;

• Self-motivated and self-directed, with little or no direct supervision from other project team members;

• Interpersonal skills for interacting with both the project team and the client;

• Excellent organizational skills, with the ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines;

• Well-organized, with problem-solving and analytical abilities;

• Be adaptable and available for weekend and evening work on occasion;

• Residency in the Netherlands, preferably in or near Amsterdam.

In addition to all the above competencies the ideal candidate for the position of Project Manager should have/be willing to:

• a bachelor's or university degree in an industry-associated discipline.

• A strong desire to work in the maritime industry

• Capable of effective communication

• Residency in the Netherlands, preferably in or near Amsterdam

• A good understanding of the job's commercial and contractual aspects

If you are interested in this vacancy, or you know someone who might be interested, please send us your CV and or contact details by email to:

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