Agility, reliability and flexibility - on demand

+Agility, reliability, and flexibility - on demand

Filling vacancies with the right candidate is always a challenge, but never more so than now with the COVID-19 pandemic set to continue restricting maritime operations for some time to come. To place the right talent at the right time, and at the right cost, now means navigating through a whole new set of pandemic-related complications.

What you need is a partner that is as agile and flexible as you are, someone that you can rely on to take some of the strain and steer your business away from costly and time-consuming hiring mistakes.

Everyone at Boreas Maritime is driven by their passion for delivering the best possible customer experience. Reliability and integrity are two of our core company values, which to us are much more than just words on our website. We LIVE them each and every day.

Take a look at a typical day in the life of Martin Van Vliet, an account manager at Boreas:

Martin’s role is driven by his in-depth understanding of his customers, the industry they operate in and the challenges they face on a daily basis – as well as the new ones that have come with the COVID-19 pandemic. He has to be the person that has the answers, with a firm plan and solution for every crewing and recruitment issue that could come his clients’ way.

Despite currently being based away from their offices in Arkel, due to COVID-19, Martin works in close contact with his customers and colleagues to achieve this.

“In my job you have to be a people person,” says Martin, “with the ability to communicate effectively at all levels within an organisation. Navigating complex organisational structures needs to become second nature when you are dealing with a Master one minute and a graduate the next. Every relationship needs nurturing to become a successful partnership that adds value to the organisation as a whole. The same goes for our internal relationships here at Boreas too.”

As well as infinitely amiable, Martin has to be very well organized in order to deal effectively with the differing needs of multiple client accounts. Ensuring strategic alignment with his customers’ goals is critical if he is to add value and a sharp focus on end results fuels his productivity.

Martin’s day starts with a list of priorities, the most challenging of which he focuses on first after a strong jolt of caffeine! As you would expect, he is in touch with clients from the outset every day, confirming focus points and next steps before actioning these and moving on down his list. A daily online meeting with his Boreas colleagues also ensures that all open vacancies are covered and that everyone is well-informed, motivated, and focused.

Martin and the team use a variety of bespoke systems to ensure that they propose the right candidate for the job at hand but he also makes good use of social media – which he finds invaluable for research. Despite being currently home-based, the Boreas team is in constant touch on WhatsApp to ensure the fastest possible response for their clients.

Ultimately, Martin’s motivation is socially-driven, as he explains: “What I love is bringing client and candidate together and seeing someone with a pressing resource gap talking to someone that can not only fulfill but also hopefully excel in that role. It gives everyone in the Boreas team a great feeling of having achieved something worthwhile. There’s nothing I don’t like about my job, which is why I’ve been doing it for over ten years!”

Boreas Maritime is a full-service crewing agency dedicated to solving challenges within the maritime industry. From crewing to project management and payrolling to recruitment, Martin and our wider team of industry experts are standing by 24-7 to provide support and solutions for you – Let's team up and let us work for you!