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Agility, reliability and flexibility - on demand

Agility, reliability, and flexibility - on demand

Welcome to 2023!

Filling vacancies with the right candidate is always a challenge.

To place the right talent at the right time and at the right cost is our business.

What you need is a partner that is as agile and flexible as you are, someone that you can rely on to take some of the strain and steer your business away from costly and time-consuming hiring mistakes.

Everyone at Boreas Maritime is driven by their passion for delivering the best possible customer experience. Reliability and integrity are two of our core company values, which to us are much more than just words on our website. We LIVE them each and every day.

Boreas Maritime is a full-service crewing agency dedicated to solving challenges within the maritime industry. From crewing to project management and payrolling to recruitment, our team of industry experts is standing by 24-7 to provide support and solutions for you.

Let's team up and let us work for you!

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